If you’re a new investor/trader then perhaps like myself, you were excited to open your new brokerage account and place your first trade. The day comes, the market opens and suddenly you freeze. You think to yourself “I have no idea what to buy!” and suddenly many things run through your mind such as, what if the stock drops or you lose your entire account or some other crazy thought. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. First lesson to learn is that it’s extremely important to accept one thing! You are not going to win every trade. You aren’t. You will lose money at times. If you meet someone who’s won every trade, please let me know, I’d love to pick their brain.

So, how should you start trading? At Option Zoo, while we love trading options, we recommend new traders start with stock. Stock doesn’t expire and many brokerages require experience before letting you trade options. For your first few trades, take very small positions. I mean VERY small. We’re lucky to live in such a time where trading is basically free. Buy as many shares as you’re comfortable with. I’d start out with 5 shares. If the stock tanks $10, hey you’re only down $50. You won’t make huge gains, but you’ll gain valuable experience and start getting comfortable with placing trades. As you grow your account, you can start buying more and more shares with each trade.

So, what should you buy? Where do you start? That is where we can help! With our proprietary system of picking stock, we’ll make recommendations that we believe have the highest probability for a decent short to medium term gain. If you’re not a Premium Member yet, please consider joining us. There is no long term commitment and you can cancel anytime.


Trading options or securities is risky. We do not guarantee results and ultimately the decision to buy and sell is up to you.

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